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Selene purchased a loan the day before foreclosure from our lender. It was a purchase money 2nd and under AZ law, when the 1st is foreclosed, the 2nd can't be collected.

We contacted Selene, provided info & sighted law and they acknowledged our letter & info that they would not contact us for collection but would not remove from out credit reports until such time as the charged it off.

Need a real estate/AZ mortgage law trained attorney to fight Selene Finance to remove wrongfully reported purchase money 2nd mortgage to our credit reports. We have tried using two different credit repair companies who have had no luck.

Review about: Selene Finance Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Seems Selena likes to play this game to harm people. Just get a copy of your escrow documents showing closing statement and check paid for deposit.

Send copies to credit agencies, they should remove them then. Good luck.


Filthy wicked Selena Financial put the same wicked comments on my credit report too. Such a lie.

I put down $80,000 on my house and $70,000 in improvements and they did the same thing on my credit report. SELENE IS EVIL AND THEY ARE LIARS.

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