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I was transferred to Selene Finance by Bank of America. I found out when I tried to make my usual 1/2 payment 8/5/2016. I received a "goodbye letter" from Bank of America on 8/11/2016. Payment to Selene was due 8/1/2016. I called Bank of America to get their information and called them on 8/11/2016. Selene didn't send a welcome letter. But sent a delinquent letter out on 8/15/2016. I made my 1st payment 8/11/2016. My final month payment... Read more

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this filthy vermin beyond disgusting I shall not call this filth human but he is totally satanic Lewis Rameri (what nationality is this filthy anyway?) is no humanitarian, he is not a decent human being, he is a predator, a criminal disguising himself as a white collar criminal, yet uneducated filth out of the bowels of *** with no conscience, a sociopath/psychopath predator with greed and hatred for all humanity...and yes he will burn in ***,... Read more

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I am an older American, so I have been through my share of dealing with financial institutions (I guess you can consider Selene a financial institution although I do say that with much reservation). I have never dealt with such a confusing, hard to get along with group. I have never missed a payment or been late, however you would think I have been as they call me no less than twenty to thirty times a month every month. They call before the... Read more

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I have tried to contact these clowns about a current owner of a property, I currently reside at because I am the tenant. The old landlord did not pay his morgage and it has been aquired by new ownership. All I wanted to know is the new landlord's phone no# to discuss payment of rent. They refuse to give me this simple request fore I am not " authorized to the account " . If i was authorized, i would be the owner of unsaid property and would not... Read more

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I NEED to take Selene Finance to court, time is running out and they have doubled my mortgage payment. After 8 months of run around I was denied a Loan Modification because "I don't make enough money". Taylor & Bean, then Bof A then Selene....... horrible!!! I have no where to go, my mother is handicapped and I am a single mother. People keep calling me offering to help but they want me to stop paying Selene and to pay them instead, what am I... Read more

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my condo went into foreclosure 7 years ago. the pipes were supposed to be change. this was a conversion. the developer did not change the pipes and sewage was coming through the lawn and my kitchen sink i had used my life savings to buy this place but i could no longer live there eventually the condo association brought a lawsuit and bought the property for $400 so they could rent i no longer own the property now selene finance after hundreds... Read more

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Selene finance aquired our mortgage from Bank of America, when they did they said our payments were behind, 15 hundred and some dollars, which we sent immediately, they sent the check back and said that would not do, that we now owed them 3 thousand and some dollars, so we sent them 3300 + dollars due 7/1/16 we sent it with plenty of time to get there by the first. Then on June 30th they sent out a letter we just recieved with a 6 thousand... Read more

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I have contacted Selene finance several times and they keep telling me that they have not received paperwork on my loan and we have sent them everything and they keep telling me that pages are missing I think what they are doing is throwing away pages and saying that it was not received I'm a disabled blind veteran who only receives Social Security disability and they keep jerking me around they must think that I'm rich when I only receive... Read more

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I am a hard working red blooded american with a family of 4. I was so proud along with my wife and 2 daughters to have purchased our first home. It took us 10 years to save up for the cost of this wonderful home. We worked very hard at keeping a good credit score so that we could get the right home for the right money. We signed the papers for our home on July 3rd, 2009. What a way to celebrate our independence!! We were now the proud owners of... Read more

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